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Open access content is immediately and permanently available online and allows users to link, read, download, store, use, and data-mine the digital content of that article with minimal restrictions. Some restrictions do apply on commercial and derivative uses depending on the Creative Commons license chosen for your work.

All accepted open access articles will receive the following open access benefits:

  • The author will retain the copyright of the article
  • The article will be freely available on the journal website for any user, worldwide
  • The article will have the OPEN indicator published and the Creative Commons license published on the article to make it visible to readers that the article is open access
  • The final version of article will be submitted to PubMed Central as open access on the authors’ behalf

All open access articles are subject to peer review, editorial oversight and the journals production process. More information on additional steps to publishing your article as open access can be found on the Wolters Kluwer Open Access Process page.

For more information on Open Access please see the Open Access FAQ page.

Author Editorial Services

Wolters Kluwer offers a unique range of editorial services to help authors prepare publication-ready research manuscripts and navigate the complex publication process with confidence. Our educational resources offer expert advice to help authors understand the medical publication process and develop their writing skills.

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